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Hey friend – I’m Michelle Shelton, a Real Estate Broker from Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks for stopping by!

You might know me as the founder of Life Real Estate or the Chair of Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service. Maybe I have sold a home for you, helped you buy a home or maybe you are a real estate agent who has attended my training.

Did you know I’m also a writer, trainer, business, and life coach?


Michelle Shelton moved from Nebraska to the Valley of the Sun in 1987. She grew up working in a highly successful family-owned business where the customer was always king. She has an undying amount of energy and a solid work ethic driven by this experience. Her unique ability to see what is invisible to others saves her clients time, energy, and thousands of dollars.

Carol says..."My husband and I have been buying and selling homes for decades and this was the best experience by far that we have ever had with an agent. She consistently demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills. Her team was equally polished, polite, friendly, professional, and efficient. Customer focus was her highest priority always.

We ran into a few challenging potential buyers and Michelle handled the situations with the skill of a maestro. Any obstacles were energetically overcome through creative resolution skills so that everyone’s needs were satisfied. One example of Michelle’s desire to exceed our expectations was through the creation of a comprehensive packet for the appraiser including all upgrades since the sales price significantly exceeded the list price and was higher than local square foot prices. This was the extra effort that secured the deal. We were told by others that we wouldn’t get our price but Michelle gave it her all and got it for us. The drone videos and the gorgeous photos made our home look like a zillion. We noticed that the team seemed to be running on rocket fuel. Where did the energy come from? She had the endurance of a honey badger. Integrity was a top priority and she was extremely well educated in the sometimes tedious legal aspects. She’s a mentor in the industry which gives us hope for future generations." - Carol Franza

Michelle's heavy involvement as an industry leader has led her to be elected out of 39,000 Arizona REALTORS® as the 2021 President of the Arizona Regional MLS. This is a very high honor and has positioned her to travel nationally and be involed with other professionals nationwide. A strong sense of treating people right and following the rules has also led her to serve on the Appeals Committee and she appointed a Chair to the Rules Committee and stays involed to make sure the rules are followed by others. It is important to her where the real estate industry in Arizona is headed. She is also the current Chair of the Strategic Steering Committee for ARMLS.

Though these positions might not mean much to you, the consumer, it shows Michelle’s level of commitment to the industry and this keeps the privilege of owning a home safe.

Michelle has specialized in horse property before it became a thing. Many have come and gone and call themselves horse property specialists, Michelle truly understands what goes into a property like this to make it workable for equine lovers.

Michelle has led teams in the past and she always felt when she handed off a client, they wouldn't get that same special care as she gave. She was please when her daughter, Emma Shelton, stepped into real estate after graduating from ASU. Emma has the same drive and desire to be of service, communicate and she is wicked funny.

Loving what you do is important. People. Horses. Dogs. Real Estate. Gardening. These are the things Michelle loves. Although Michelle lands in the top 1% of equine Realtors®, she doesn’t brag about it. She is humble and yet knows and understands the value she brings to her clients. Some agents come unhinged at every little thing. Michelle’s calm yet firm stand displays her level of confidence.

Michelle’s unique knowledge regarding horse property, ranches, luxury homes, and single-family homes throughout the Valley has positioned her as a top agent. She is also the broker/owner of Life Real Estate. More education and deeper experience put her head and shoulders above the rest. No sale is too small. She treats her small land sales the same as her high-end clients. At the end of the day, it is about doing the right thing for people and the money comes.

Michelle rescues horses and animals from poor living conditions to forever homes. Currently, a goat named Barbara and a donkey named Wilbur. She recently lost her riding companion, Patch to colic. Life is short and having fun makes the journey more enjoyable. Friends become clients and clients become friends. This means, people like & trust her as a friend and respect her competence in business. It's magical when that happens.

18 years 2 months

Price Range: (last 24 months)
$42K - $1.75M

Areas Served:
Queen Creek

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