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Grid System in Arizona

Jan 03, 2023

Hi guys! What's up? My name is Emma. Thank you so much for coming back to our Channel if you are new here, welcome! We are so happy to have you today. I'm going to be talking about the Arizona Grid System and how the city is set up. I'm actually going to show you guys on the map so you can see for yourself um but I think this is really cool to city planners really thought this through and when you're moving to a new place, it can be you know, stressful for so many different reasons but one of the big reasons is not knowing exactly where you are or how to get around so in the greater Phoenix area, it's super easy because everything is on a grid meaning each main road is a mile from the next main road so it's all square miles, you'll see that on the map when I show you. It makes it really easy to learn the city and be able to get around without your GPS all the time, so I'm going to show you guys that and let's go check it out. [Music] foreign [Music] Okay, so I'm going to show you guys the grid system. As you can see, there's all these little white lines here on the map and we're here in the Southeast Valley,, so that's going to be Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Santan Valley um so all these little white lines are the main roads and they are all a mile away from each other which is so nice that you can just go okay I need to go three miles north and you you can know which road it is. It's super easy to memorize it makes it very easy to transition to moving here because when you move somewhere and it's really hard to get around that can be very stressful and here it's just really really easy we have great freeway systems the city is built to where they built it out rather than up um so we can still maintain all those beautiful views of the mountains that is why we're called, the valley because we are surrounded by mountain ranges um so if you still maintain those beautiful mountain views um but also you can figure out you know where you're going and how to get there really easily, when you're moving from a new place which is really great. I know that you know moving from a new place can be super stressful and just really take you out of your comfort zone, so this is one of my favorite things about living in Arizona God's cruel joke to Realtors is that we have no sense of direction. So we are definitely spoiled here and that we can get around so easily so this is throughout most of the valley there's definitely a few areas in which there's some windy roads like over here in Ahwatukee, which is an area of Phoenix, there's a mountain range right there so it's definitely a little bit more windy there but they pretty much maintain this grid system throughout as much as possible. The city planners here, they were smart guys so or ladies um let's see down in downtown Phoenix so this is Midtown um it's you can see it's a little bit like it's still pretty much on the grid but there's definitely some some more windy roads there's also some more one-way roads down there, I'm not down there very much if you work for the government or one of the big hospitals down there you may need to commute down there but compared to a lot of the big cities that I've been to it's really not that bad it's not like a bustling City where there's just crowds of people everywhere and it's crazy and insane. It's definitely a little bit harder to get around just because you have to get used to the one-way roads and sometimes you know to mitigate traffic it's like from four to seven, this is a actual travel lane and then the other times during the day it's a turning lane so that takes a little bit getting of getting used to but I'm really not in downtown Phoenix all that much um and unless you want to live down there which it is beautiful. They have some awesome historic homes down there, you probably won't be down there that much either um so I hope this video was helpful for you guys to see how easy it is to get around here in Arizona, our freeway systems are great. They're continuing to extend those because we are built out so much so it makes it really easy to get from place to place and the traffic here is really not that bad even though we're one of the fastest growing cities in America, the traffic's really all not not that bad I mean during the rush hour times, it adds some time but it's nowhere near something like LA or San Diego or Texas or anything like that so I hope this was helpful for you guys I hope it'll alleviate a little bit of stress if you're planning on moving here. Now you can know that you'll be able to get your bearings super easily figure out where you're going I hope you guys like this video, if you did please give us a big thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe, hit the Bell so you get notified of all of our new videos, and if you're interested in our FREE Buyer and Seller Workshops, you can access those at Those have some amazing information for both Buyers and Sellers that you really can't find anywhere else, so I hope you guys check those out. If you have any questions or you're interested in buying or selling real estate in Arizona, you can reach out to me at 480-334-7095.

Thank you so much and I will see you guys next time, thanks.

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