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Jan 24, 2023

To start out I'm going to show you about the MLS statuses. This is through Arizona regional MLS, you're seeing my dashboard, inside of my dashboard. So this is kind of a behind the scenes. Look what we're going to do is I'll show you the different statuses and share with you what those statuses mean right now. You can see if I put in active and coming soon, there's roughly 16,800 listings in our MLS now this includes everything single family home, patio homes which Patio Home is is like a a home with a very small yard if any it basically just has a patio um townhouse which uh can be sometimes people call them condos. A condo is a more of a a form of ownership um but a townhouse can be a single story or a two-story um may or may not be a condo. They have apartment style Gemini which is Twin Homes a lot of times they sit the, they share one wall and they sit next to each other um with shared driveways and then there's manufactured modular and Loft style so what I would do for this demonstrations and is I'm going to just put in single family, detached so that takes that down to thirteen thousand six eighty five or our single families um what you can do if you're looking especially for horse property, let's put in horse property um and just because it's zoned for horses does not necessarily mean that it's going to have a full horse set up um it just means that it's zoned that way a lot of times people go in and they take out all the horse set up and they just want the land for whatever reason um could be they have they own a construction company, it could be they just like a luxury lifestyle and they make a really tricked out backyard and they want to utilize that extra space so a lot of different reasons that it may or may not have horse set up and you may be the type of buyer that you know once that tricked out backyard and you may be looking for a horse property because you like that extra land and you know there's a lot of it's typically tends to be a little bit looser zoning. It's not as rigid and not in all cases but in in many cases so you have active and coming soon here. If you are searching on let's say or uh Trulia, Zillow um Redfin any of those some of those companies are Brokers and they will pull the information from the MLS and show you the same thing that most Realtors can show you on their website now if you go to our our horse property website which is it's got a lot of different roads that will lead here but let's use the um. We've got it filtered by horse property you can see horse properties by City, new listings, no HOA um so there's not all horse property I mean we show you everything on here but it is more friendly. If you're looking for horse property um when we do that this is called an IDX, so if we click on horse property by city and let's say we go to Apache Junction for example Apache Junction homes are 73 matches found and it we show you every listing, it's not just our listing it's every listing available we don't hide properties from people What You Won't See Is what's in coming soon so if we go to coming soon and we put in Apache Junction,

so there's only two in coming soon that are horse property but you would not see these properties if you are if you are doing that search you're not going to see those properties um because they're not in the active status okay um let's go back now to our search and you'll see um some of the other statuses here are UCB and CCBS so UCB it means that that home is under contract, currently in Apache Junction there's only three horse properties under contract and that there's a reason for that because we're in a declining market and most sellers cannot get their brain wrapped around that their home is worth so much less than it was six months ago and so they're having a hard time with the the price drops and instead of pricing aggressively and getting in front of that bus they're chasing that bus down so there's an adjustment period typically about a year before people get in that mindset of oh this is what my house is actually worth. Um a lot of times people want to price their home high so there's room to negotiate so I would say you know we're never afraid to to put in an offer typically I like to start doing that verbally so because you know you can offend people too and then they don't want to deal with you at all but if you do it verbally it's a little bit softer way of doing it um it's homes there used to be a status that was AWC and it meant active with a contingency so when a home went under contract you have a 10-day typically I mean unless they negotiate something else but typically it's a 10-day inspection period and that's a contingency so we used to park our properties into AWC when it went under contract well when they got rid of AWC they brought in UCB and so some agents are still in the habit of when it goes under contract they put it in UCB and there's a reason for that their listings will still show up on syndications they will still show up on the IDX sites and agents are wanting to continue marketing that typically we don't do that. We put it right to pending because for the seller I think it's better because it stops days on market and if you've got somebody that is going through inspections and you know they take up 10 days that's going to add 10 days to your listing it's a very very rare that even though it says under contract, accepting backups it's very rare that people really want to accept backups they're like nope we're under contract we're working with this one so these still show up. You see how they're in green, they still show up as an active status so if you're looking on um Zillow like let's see if we can just look this house up on Zillow and I'll show you what it looks like. It it still shows an active status and sometimes even though they have it on there it is a little bit challenging to see and you think that it's still available so it does say accepting backups here so they do disclose it but a lot of times people miss that and they think it's still available so it can get very frustrating if you're searching for a home let's see how it shows up on Redfin.

Redfin, it shows up for sale so it doesn't tell you oh it does say contingent here so it does tell you the seller has already accepted an offer you can rest across the tour okay so that's better I think that's better okay let's see how it shows up on shows contingent so um these are still active statuses so they're going to show up on here now if we go into our coming soon and you tried to look those up they wouldn't come up at all so those things do not show up on any of these sites Redfin and Zillow are now brokerages so they're pulling information from the MLS through an IDX. is a marketing site so it's what they call a syndication, so there's differences between those two things you're going to miss opportunities if you're searching on either of those sites. You're better to get right into the MLS system so that you can see those coming soon and we've got it set up on our website so you can search just like a realtor so if you go here and you do search like a realtor you can go in and create an account and then you can let me see if I can sign it because I had one but

it may ask me to log in let me see if I can log in with it and I'll show you what it looks like.

Yeah so it will let you log in. These these are going to be just featured listings. A lot of times we'll put any horse property listings we have we'll put those there are featured listings um if you go down below, you'll see featured searches and those are searches that the agent you know 'em and I have set up for you if we click on all Valley horse property

Done, we're going to take out UCB pending and closed residential

dwelling type we're going to put in single family

and then three bedrooms three baths 27 results, what did we have over here 13 so there's something there that I did

three-bedroom, three bath horse property let's see if we have horse property in there

worst property yes oh now it's at 14. I don't know why they don't match it seems to me they should but um interestingly enough they don't.

Bizarre listing so let's say you like that property this property um if you go back and you see the Little Star there like this you can star that property and it will save it in your portal, so then we can see it on the back side um and you can see them over on the map here if you just hold your cursor over that it'll pop up and show you that property so you can kind of see it in a glance. Um I don't know I kind of got off track a little bit from the um you know these these statuses here but I think it's good information. I hope you find it good the other one let me go back to that because we have active status which just means it's for sale there's no contracts on it Realtors have uh three days to change that and it's it's not business days it's just three days so if they put it under contract on a Friday by Monday they need to have that status changed um from active to one of these under con under contract statuses in coming soon they don't even have to have pictures but they do have to have pictures the first in the first five days once it goes active and it has to be a front curb View at least one picture also if it's pending that means it's under contract. They're working with someone and then obviously closed means it has closed escrow the difference between working in the MLS and working in Zillow is that you you can see those coming soon if you have created a if you've created let me see I'll show you if you've created a portal. See how it says zero you're not seeing any in there but what you can do is once you create a portal if you set up alerts, it will actually allow you to see those properties and that's the only way you can see them other than you know. We can tell you about them but we can't even email them to you unless you're on an automated email um I hope that this is helpful with the MLS um you know using the MLS over using Zillow or Trulia, it is a little bit um I hate to say it but it's a little bit Antiquated from the standpoint of you know looking as nice as some of these other sites because these sites have a really nice look and feel to them they're very user friendly so I understand why people use them um the challenge is you're not seeing everything when you use them so it's kind of a double-edged sword this this website is a little more cumbersome. If you'd like to get into this system and work with it then just go to, click on search like a realtor and create your account. We really value the opportunity to earn your business. If you're watching this on YouTube please make sure you give it a give us a thumbs up, like and subscribe our Channel and then if you'd like to receive regular notifications on any new videos make sure you click that Bell. Alright thank you so much for watching, I'll see you next time bye!