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Traveling by Car in Arizona

Jan 03, 2023

Hi guys my name is Emma, welcome back to our Channel and if you're new here, welcome! Thanks so much for coming, um today I'm going to be showing you just how easy it is to travel by car to a whole bunch of different cool places when you live in Arizona  thank you.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do so I love living in Arizona because I can easily travel up north to the pines and the lakes I can also head over to San Diego or LA I can go to Mexico. So I'm going to show you guys that on the map so you can see just how easy and close all of these amazing places are so let's go check it out. Okay guys so this is gonna be Gilbert. I live in Gilbert down here and a little bit South East Valley and here you can see the route to Flagstaff, super easy Drive um it's not super mountainous you can take the 17 all the way up that's two hours and 39 minutes 167 miles um so that's about a half a tank of gas for me, so you can get to Flagstaff and back for I mean depending on your gas tank and your gas mileage 60 70 bucks which is awesome and Flagstaff is beautiful, you can see they have these beautiful mountains lakes Pines um in the winter you can go skiing and snowboarding at Snowbowl um so it's just really really pretty up there um up north a place I also like to go um is Payson we have a cabin up in Heber which a lot of people here do have second homes um up north because it's so close um not Flagstaff oops let's do Gilbert to Payson and the Mogan Rim is up here which has beautiful lakes beautiful hiking go fishing boating so that's an hour and 28 minutes which is it's so close um in the summer. It is so nice even just to take a day trip for an hour and 28 minutes some people spend that amount of time in traffic um so here I'll show you what that looks like. It's kind of similar to Flagstaff, it's a little bit more more dry than Flagstaff um but beautiful Pines beautiful lakes so much to do there if you're an outdoorsy person if you just want to go relax there's some cool cabins up there and there's some little cities outside of that that are more like towns that are smaller that you can stay for really cheap we like to go up here for Christmas, so we can have a white Christmas. I know that's super important especially to my Midwestern people um okay so changing gears um let's see how far San Diego is.

Five hours and 46 minutes you can take the go through Maricopa, take the eight all the way over to San Diego and you're at the beach, it's so nice we go there all the time especially in the summer my father-in-law lives there so it's a very common trip for us to go do and I know a lot of Arizonans go and do it as well um even let's see how far Disneyland is I know some people like have spent crazy amounts of money just go to Disneyland from around the world really six hours and 29 minutes so really not that far to go to Disneyland and then you can save so much money on flights um let's see Los Angeles, I'm gonna go see a concert we've gone down to um LA to go see concerts go see friends super easy drive six hours and 40 minutes La super pretty beautiful city tons to do shopping and let's see um Las Vegas.

5 hours and 22 minutes- you're right there super easy um let's show you Rocky Point which is in Mexico. It's Puerto Penasco not Rocky Point Arizona Rocky Point Sonora Mexico four hours and three minutes. You cannot beat living in Arizona, we have beautiful weather 10 months of the year Nine Months of the Year those super hot months we get through by traveling and there's so many places that we can go by car which makes it so convenient um so that's one of my favorite things about living here because I love to travel and as many of you know traveling, it's super expensive with flights if you prefer to fly you can get to San Diego in an hour you can get to LA in uh you know another hour you can get to Las Vegas in 45 minutes, so it's it's a super convenient location to go visit different places that have completely different terrains um one of the best things about living in Arizona by far. So there is also Sedona which is just breathtaking, I love going there we went a couple weekends ago tons of cool places to stay the Creek's there you can have a little day trip at the creek two hours and 19 minutes two hours and 19 minutes, so you can go see this like it's crazy there's so much to do there it's a kind of a very hippie Town, lots of yoga places and portals and crystals um lots of really cool hiking as well so that's super close people travel from all over the world to see the red rocks and you can drive two and a half hours and go see it um there's also the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Grand Canyon see four hours so that one's a little bit further up North but oh my gosh if you have never been to the Grand Canyon pictures do not do it justice, it is breathtaking one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and if you are an avid hiker there are some insane hikes that you can do here um one that I have been wanting to do is Havasupai um you do have to get a permit for this and it's on a 10 mile hike in 10 mile hike out so it's definitely more than just a day trip um but you get these turquoise Waters waterfalls just stunning and it's four hours from where you live you can go in the summer um it's much cooler up north beautiful another really cool place is Williams which isn't too far from the Grand Canyon but it's a cute little kind of historic town um again it has like really pretty lakes and mountains and trees um we go to this place called Arizona with the kids they have bears that just like climbing up on top of trees and stuff um and show you Bears just right outside of your car all this cool wildlife definitely a hot spot for people here um and that is let's see how far Williams is they also have a really cool place Fair called the deer farm where they just have tons of deer and you can go in there and feed them and play with them. Um it's really cool we had such a good time and the kids loved it so that's three hours and five minutes definitely an easy trip they have some really cool Airbnb's that you can see there um let's see where else Joshua Tree which is a hot spot right now 5 hours and 27 minutes so you guys Arizona is so conveniently located if you like to travel which I know in the summer I definitely love to travel, I love to travel all year round but in the summer especially to get away from this heat there's so many places you can go and you can do it for pretty inexpensively because you can go by car to all these different kinds of places so I hope you guys got some good information from this video and you can kind of see how close Arizona and how conveniently located it is to all these different things. We have tons of amazing attractions here in the valley but you can travel by car a couple hours and you're in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it please give us a big thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe, and hit the Bell, so you don't miss any of our future videos. If there's anything else in about Arizona that you want to learn about, leave us a comment below. We're happy to make a video for you on that. If you would like to access our FREE Buyer and Seller Workshops, you can head over to, there is so much good information over there that you really can't find anywhere else and it's all for free so definitely go check that out. Thank you so much for watching and have an awesome day.