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Jan 24, 2023

I want to welcome you to our YouTube channel. You can see our channel here. This is myself and my daughter Emma. Emma's worked with me since roughly 2019, she is an Associate Broker, I'm a Designated Broker and we are posting videos on a regular basis to be supportive to people out there that are looking to buy and sell. We actually have a probate section, we have a horse property section, and then we go out in the community and we do restaurant reviews, we talk about the freeway systems, we talk about fiduciary duties, and negotiations, and concessions and some of the things. You'll actually see here how Arizona is set up on a grid system. If you're trying to find your way around, this is a great great video to watch, Traveling by car in Arizona, Number one job of a Realtor, Fiduciary Duties, and What about Concessions. You'll see we have a lot of different things, What to do with your, What to do with your pets during showings, What's it like in Phoenix, um Emma went to the Wildlife Park, Liberty Wildlife Park and showed you fun things you can do with your kids um. You know Saying no to Long Closings and why is that a bad idea, so we've got all kinds of things here for our our real estate folks out there, people looking to buy and sell. You'll also see some of the fun things that we do and just different things. Um you know we went to recently went to Mexico and I did a ferry ride, Realtors on vacation of course that's always when uh you know the home goes under contract so if you want to get your home sold, send your realtor on vacation so we try to do things that you'll find helpful and fun, what's it like in Arizona and you know these are some great pictures of me too haha um I have a tortoise, a goat, I've had horses and donkeys and all kinds of things so I hope that you'll take time to explore our channel in depth. You can also schedule time with us right here anytime, just click on that. It takes you right to our calendar, we do have a either a 15-minute phone call, we have a buyer's Zoom meeting that takes about an hour, and then you can actually schedule a listing appointment right from our YouTube channel that's an hour and a half in your home and we come out and look at your home and give you some ideas on what to do to get it ready to sell, and then if you'd like to list your home, we go through that process at that time as well, you can also go to and if you go to

this site well I'm batting a thousand here huh you'll see at the top there's buyer workshops. You can reserve your spot and if they we have one about every 15 minutes and if you go to the seller Workshop, you can actually get instant access on that and very easy just your name and email we're not going to send you a bunch of spam. There's a lot of free things that you can access there to help you get your home ready to sell. You see free stuff here and we have all kinds of things in here and we're constantly adding new things so if you're looking to sell your home, there's a Seller's Homework Checklist, A Room by Room Guide to Preparing Your Home to Sell. 7 Inexpensive Home Improvements that You Can Easily Do Yourself to Get More Money and then The Dangers of Overpricing, so definitely hit that thumbs up button, when you're watching any of our videos give us a like, and then subscribe to our Channel. We're really working on, we start when we started this 90 days ago we had six subscribers, so we're growing pretty quickly we're up to 144 and we are on the race to get to a thousand subscribers, so if you can help us with that we would be very grateful and then ring that Bell, so that you can receive updates when we release new videos. If we can be helpful with anything Arizona Real Estate, we're always happy to field calls, emails, text messages. Please just reach out, we're happy to help with that. Thanks so much, take care, have a great day remember, subscribe!