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What's it like in Phoenix, Arizona? The Mountain Preserve

Sep 27, 2022

Driving you around Phoenix, Arizona. Don't miss the beautiful Mt. Preserve!

So you saw the time lapse that I just did showing us go through the streets this is the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and it's just miles and miles of beautiful pristine desert let me see if i can show you out the window here so we get a better view that you can see that you can hike bike ride horses you'll see this is a trailhead right here and there actually is another one you'll see just that beautiful mountain so many people love to go up in there and hike this whole area just has some phenomenal views I don't know if you can see the mountain views over there as well but just phenomenal homes here as well it is a very very desirable area and lots of desert landscaping um

there's a lot of older homes that have been updated that looks nearly 2007

late 80s I'm going to show you the other trail here we are on I believe I'm on 39th street right now I'm sorry this is not a professional video but I want to give you kind of an idea because I know when I was coming to Phoenix I was sitting in Iowa trying to figure out what phoenix was like um so I'm hoping this will help somebody but here's another access to the trail um this goes into a feeder trail which it's called trail 100 and just over the top of this you can connect with the feeder trail so the nice thing about these little side it's very private people don't come and access those trails very often they usually pick up the more public trail like trail 100 somewhere else and you can have a feeder trail right off of your property or pretty darn close we have two listings in this neighborhood right now see there's some mountain homes and they some of the builders have actually taken the horse properties and they have you know split the lots down and gotten permission and variances and things to do that and build multiple homes but you still have a lot of natural desert it's just phenomenal let me stop here and see if I can capture some of these views for you you see all the saguaros and the rock and there's even a house up there so just absolutely gorgeous very very desirable area um I am going to edit my video and we will go through some of the streets and I'll put it on the time lapse again so that you can kind of experience what the streets are like here I hope you've enjoyed this video I appreciate you watching and make sure if you're thinking of listing you check out our listing mini course where if you're looking to move to Phoenix watch some of our other videos and you can always go to our buyer course as well and we'll put the address across the bottom here it's all right take care thanks for watching call us if you need to

mercury lighting and it's which is the real high-end lighting that they use for professional arenas it also has a laser level base with uh sand footing for your horse and it's fenced with pipe rail they've got a nice little barn they've got a thousand little over a thousand square foot shop it's fully fenced which this is really nice if you have dogs or you have other critters or kids and you want to make sure that they're safe on your property um you can see this is fully fenced with a concrete block and then it's Stuccoed and then it has the view fencing up front she has some beautiful desert landscaping she is a photographer and she just loves going out there and looking at the beautiful flowers that these desert plants produce uh it's an amazing property it's a three bedroom two bath um the house is just 20 roughly 2500 square feet this is the property next to them uh it was built in the 70s I believe might might even be the 60s I'm sorry I'm pulling from memory here so i don't remember that and let me show you how close this one is to the mountain because

this one connects to a feeder trail and it is also trail 100 and you'll see like so there's one block um some really stunning homes in this area which let's see if this guy has a stop sign no but you see that mountain right there you're you're basically two blocks you don't have a stop sign

you're basically two blocks from the the mountain and this has got a really nice little trail if you like to trail ride with horses um we actually sold this house up here on the right and it had a guest house it was actually on the mountain and so this whole area is amazing it's got horse you've got horse people there's a lot of horse people for sure but there's a lot of people that don't have horses too they just love this mountain living so here is the trail to the phoenix mountain preserve and you can see that trail it's a it's a well-established trail people definitely do walk run don't see as many bikes you'll see people that do do mountain bikes there's nothing electrical allowed but look at that those beautiful mountains and plants um but you will notice that um you see a lot of horseback riding up there a lot of joggers especially in the winter right now it's summer it's pretty hot here so you have to be careful and be aware of you know drinking enough water and those types of things this is a just just a phenomenal area i just absolutely love this area you'll see there's some re really really exceptional homes up here too people that want a bigger lot and not necessarily horse property and some people have grass you can certainly plant grass but you're going to be paying to water it and as much as i love grass myself it does it is the desert and it is hard on the environment and we have a shortage of water because we are in a drought so anyway these here's some more of the streets you can see what we call Piestewa Peak formerly known as Squaw peak they changed the name several years ago after a soldier that passed away um named Piestewa and to honor the native Americans so that's kind of a cool story if you want to look that up I love Piestewa peak I lived right under it when I first moved here and it's just a really beautiful area for hiking biking just to go and have a picnic even if you don't even want to walk um great area so if you have any questions about real estate in the phoenix area call me my name is Michelle Shelton my number is

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