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What's it like in Tempe, Arizona? Waterfront Homes

Sep 27, 2022

I'm here today in Tempe Arizona and I'm going to show you they actually have a whole area over here of Tempe Lakes there are some very

very a lot of tri-levels it is an older part of Tempe but the homes were built more in the 80s like the ones that I showed you in previous videos built in the 50s and 60s some of these homes were built closer to the 1980 you know back in the 70s 80s you know having a lake in the desert wow I mean a lot of lush Landscaping in these communities very desirable people like them they are older homes a lot of people have bought these homes and updated them so that they are more but you'll notice the Landscaping difference the shade and everything and the bigger trees as we go through this community see a lake over on the right A lot of people have boats as we go further south in Tempe you will see that there are the homes become newer um reality there's really tempy's been landlocked for some time I don't know probably it'd be interesting to kind of Google and see what is the oldest home or the maybe I should say the newest home in Tempe because I think that would be really

some of these are gated communities so I'm hoping I don't turn on the wrong Street community um I do I guess I'll just turn around and start over

I'm getting into all the school stuff so let's just go down one of these streets so you can see some of these houses you can you can see um oh Shake shingles used to be the thing now people have kind of gotten rid of those now but you'll still see a few homes with those a lot of tile roofs if you can see a lot of tile roofs that is an uncommon for Arizona anyway um

very nice homes like I said most of them build in the 80s early 90s in this community

homes in this area well right now because the market has been so crazy you're looking at 600 probably average

depending on if it's on the water or not you know 600 to a million two million three would be probably a pretty safe guess what these homes are selling for Tempe has a lot of parks um here's a house over on my left that you can see that still has the shake roof they're really a fire hazard um they're not a great idea

and a lot of people do not want them any longer and do whatever they can to get rid of them super super dry in the Arizona Sun today we are in South Tempe Arizona and we're about to go across the canal let's turn my camera let's

um you'll see the Tempe Canal there like to the big power lines go along the canal a lot of people like to ride their bikes sometimes you'll see a horseback on there sometimes you'll see that horseback horseback riding along there and also people ride bikes jogging that um it always kind of creeps me out because the big power lines are there and they snap and Crackle I just I feel like I don't know what I'm not a big fan of that this area we're coming up on is Elliot and McClintock um there's a lot of really good restaurants in here in here there is a movie theater close by um it's called pawlik which is actually off of it's called Tempe Cinemas I think is what he calls it um pawlik is a big developer in this area and has been for years you'll see his name on a lot of the office complex called it's Michael Pollock um he has he's a pretty big family name in Tempe Arizona especially in the South Tempe area and he started Tempe Cinemas they have three dollar movies they have uh a lot he's really into wax figures so when you go in there's all kinds of wax figures in the movie theater it's kind of it's definitely a fun place to go it's it's completely um it's it's older movies typically that have been out for a while but it's just a really fun family place to go you can get you know all your popcorns cheaper your candies cheaper everything's less expensive than a traditional Harkins or AMC movie theater um

of Tempe not necessarily but we're coming up on some of the Tempe horse properties in this area off of like Warner and Ray and down in there these homes are older their homes built built anywhere from the 70s to the 90s and most of them have been purchased and redone not all of them but most of most of it is a very very desirable area of tea there is a lot of

there's just a lot of old money 's area and you know you know Farms you can see I'm going to actually go with you see some of the worst communities so this is kala de Quebec Camaro I think it's how you say it I I should know that but um you can see over here is they've got horses and these these horse properties are pretty pricey um this one's actually for sale I don't know

I'll certainly look it up but you'll see a lot of low roofs you know tile they have a lot of flat roofs that kind of that Santa Fe style mature Landscaping that is an olive tree there on the right um there's sort of cool trees but they can be messy they get fruit and they drop fruit all over you can't really see in that one let me see if I can see it it has fruit on that tree

so it does have fruit on the tree though and they can be really messy this property is on two and a half acres in Tempe and listed at 1.6 looks like it is due to close next week so I don't know exactly what it will close at um but it you know it's an older home it looks like it probably does have a pool you can see it's got a lot of green pasture back there and some big trees this is a really desirable neighborhood staff of McClintock and

a lot of horse horse properties in here and this this is It's just really beautiful area

see that some of the home homes are a little more dated they've been well cared for but not a lot of updates and then you've got other ones that have been completely updated see like this one in particular has been completely updated lots of beautiful green grass um a beautiful big trees so really great area I think if I go this way you can see that there's Bridal paths I don't know how much they get used anymore but there used to be Bridal paths throughout this whole neighborhood

it's likely not really building a big new home probably bought an old home and they're renovating it down in Arizona what you can do this one's really gorgeous I just love it you can actually take a home all the way down to one wall and it's considered a remodel but you see these people have sheep so very animal friendly there's lots of Minis that people have and people do still have horses these folks looks like they have a an old tennis court there older home like they have several several horses and some Minis see those so just you know like a really really nice area you can see this house coming up here flood Irrigation in this neighborhood allow

large and green grass it's a very very inexpensive there's some more versus over here as you can see some people take care of their properties better than others there's older homes mixed with newer homes sometimes when people come here they don't like that they're like I want a really nice home and some of these are just very beautiful homes but you've got now this one looks like an old barn I mean it's a nice home and everything but then you've got this one let's see here that is just a really beautiful Southwestern home and you've got everything in between

Southwestern this one's more of a

beautiful beautiful neighborhood with

you to have an older home now see here's an old older perhaps let me get you in here this is an older slum block home or partially small block anyway

you know it's got the composition roof just an older home and then you've got one that has been

gorgeous and everything in between this goes in a big circle here there is a equine friendly Park in here um that I don't have time to show you today.