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What's it like in Apache Junction? Part 2

Sep 27, 2022

Sharing to you what it's like in Apache Junction. 

Hey everyone today we're in Apache Junction oh there's the cutest quail going across the road Apache Junction is very it's a little more hilly than other parts of the valley um we've had some pretty big rain so there is some areas where the road has you can see where the waters run across the road and drug gravel with it um we are going out to a horse property so there is horse property in apache junction for sure it's more of a desert landscaping out here there's no flood irrigation you're not going to have green grass and green pastures and trees um just because it's it's just not cost effective to do that out here there are some amazing horse properties out here apache junction has certain areas where if you want a more affordable living they do have manufactured homes on an acre and a quarter every once in a while you'll see an acre but it's typically a minimum of an acre and a quarter out here in most places um and we have the beautiful beautiful mountain um which you can look on some of our other videos obviously I'm driving right now but it's just to my right and it is phenomenal for mountain views um just a beautiful mountain that you could just sit and you know stare at well let me see there's no one coming and I'm in a stop sign so let me see if I can give you a better view.