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What's it like in Gilbert, Arizona? The TONI&GUY Hairdressing Salon

Sep 22, 2022


I drove to South Gilbert and got my hair done at TONI&GUY Hairdressing Salon Gilbert, Arizona. 

Hi everyone! We are in South Gilbert today. I'm actually going to get a haircut and so I'm gonna show you some of the shopping that's available. You can see the San Tan Village Mall that's over there, there's a Home Goods, the Dicks Sporting Goods, Barnes and noble, there's all kinds of stuff, and then over here we have an At Home, there's various Dentists, and workout, Fitness Places, there's Spas, there's just all kinds of Shopping, there's Deseret Thrift Store in here and we're actually gonna head over here there's it's called Rusty Taco, there's Sandbar which is a bar, Sports bar, Panera Bread, Nekter Juice Bar, just all kinds of eating and establishments. I am going to go to TONI&GUY, this is relatively new area within the last I would say two years. Black Rock Coffee Bar and just all kinds of stuff in here and we are going to go over to TONI&GUY for my haircut.  I love my girl Jen, they are not cheap, they're not cheap here but she does a really good job. She's one of the Educators in TONI&GUY and then she charges $92 for a haircut so like I said not cheap. I come in about every probably 9 weeks to get my haircut and so that's what we're doing here today.

So I'm done with my haircut, my review of TONI&GUY is they're always very Professional. I felt it little weird when I first started going there because everything is black and white and I just felt a little out of my element but after going there for several years I just really really like it there I did have one time I had a bad incident and that's how I actually ended up with Jen. She's Educator for that Salon and kind of a Manager I think but she took care of it and she gave me several free haircuts and I don't know she got my hair right again and what they had done is I have kind of a big widows I don't know what's that called but anyway there's a big one there and they have pulled it up and cut it off because I have bangs and I have this big chunk that when square and here and then it went down and she does really take good care of me so I'm pretty loyal to her. I don't want anybody else cut my hair because if you have a bad haircut you know how bad that is. So, TONI&GUY-go to Jen she's not cheap she charges 95 bucks for a haircut I used to tip her 21 bucks so it's a good chunk of change but if you want your hair to look the way you want it I definitely recommend going to TONI&GUY. Hope you have a great day! Thanks!

That's my Gilbert review of Hair Salons.