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What's it like in Phoenix, Arizona? Liberty Wildlife Sanctuary

Dec 21, 2022

Hi guys! What's up? My name is Emma, welcome back to our Channel. Today, I'm going to take you to Liberty Wildlife Sanctuary in Phoenix. It's an amazing place. They do amazing work, they save the lives of many animals and I think you should check it out. There's tons of information online. You can make a donation even. They have Eagles Golden Bald, they have squirrels, they had a raven that was like mocking this lady, I didn't know Ravens could do that. Um last time we saw a possum, you can see their whole hospital where they take care of all the little animals that are hurt or brought in and their ultimate goal is to rehabilitate these animals, release them back into the wild and the ones that can't be released into the wild they stay there, they live at Liberty and they have an amazing facility for them and they have amazing Educational Tools so we took our niece and nephew and they had they had fun for a four and five-year-old as much as you know four and five-year-old's can have fun out in the rain when they're hungry and it's almost nap time but it's really a great place. Take your family, they do a nature walk on Saturday mornings at nine which is super fun to do as well. I hope you guys check this place out, I hope you make a donation or go donate your time and volunteer they always need help um and yeah go check it out. Let me show you right now what it's like so you can see if you want to do that. So I hope you guys liked this little tour of Liberty. You definitely need to go check it out for yourself. It is there's nothing like seeing these amazing animals in person and also knowing that your money is going to a good cause please give us a big thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe and hit the Bell so you don't miss any of our future videos and we will see you next time thank you. So I almost forgot to tell you guys um they had this super rare bird there that I had never even heard of and I thought it was so cool um they called it the White Romped Puffin. I had never heard of that before um but they actually let me bring one of them home and I wanted to show you guys what it looked like, this is it right here um they can be very vicious, they you know they are hunters and um they're very rare you probably won't see them out very often so yeah go check out Liberty.