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What to do with your pets during showings?

Dec 21, 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Emma Shelton and I am a realtor in Arizona and today, I'm going to be talking about questions that sellers ask us when they are getting ready to list their home. So one of the things that comes up is going to be Showings. You're letting people into your home and we want to make them feel like this could be their home we want to make them feel at home so one of the things that we always point out is going to be your pets.

So cats and dogs, some people will kennel their dogs during showings. I can tell you in my experience that is not the best thing to do because your dog is scared and your dog is going to be barking and it makes the showing very disrupted and you can't, you don't really want to access the area in which the dog is and it's just another reminder that someone else lives here and their family member is still there so um we definitely with with your dogs recommend taking them on a walk, if you have a neighbor that you can take them to for the showing, if you can just take them in your car and go somewhere during the showing. All of those options are going to be the best thing and they're going to give buyers the best experience in your home. If you have a cat I have done so many showings in which I didn't even know there was a cat because cats tend to hide I do know a lot of people have allergies to cats um that's not really something you can change and if a cat is living in your home, you just want to make sure your litter box is cleaned often, put away any cat towers or trees toys and food bowls and this goes for dogs as well you want to put those away, stem away in a closet for the showing, because we don't want to give people a reminder that there are animals living in the home. If you can take your cat with you as well in your car, cats are a little bit better kenneled if you wanted to kennel them some buyers do get weird about it. Now if you own a horse property, you may have animals like horses, chickens, goats, pigs, things of that nature you can obviously leave those animals there they're going to be fine in their pens. It's actually really nice for buyers to be able to see the space and see the possibilities especially if they are moving from a single family home into a horse property and making a lifestyle change they can see the lifestyle that is available when owning a property like that. With that being said please make sure their stalls are cleaned every day, especially before showings but this is something you should do regularly for the comfort of your animals and also to mitigate any flies or smells that may come up and a lot of times showings are a bit last minute so that way you don't have to have a bunch of chores that you're rushing to get done when you get a showing request so these this is what we recommend to do with your animals. If you have animals like snakes or Lizards it may be a good idea to put a sheet over their Aquarium. Some people do get freaked out by them and we don't want them freaked out in your home so this is what we recommend to do with your animals during showings. Let us know if you have any other questions about what you should do for showings to impress the buyers out there make sure you give us a big thumbs up, subscribe and don't forget to hit the Bell, so you don't miss any of our future videos, thank you so much!